7 Reasons to Hire a Car in Dubai during your Summer Holidays

Dubai is a city of tourists and millions of people visit it every year. They visit it either for tourism or to attend a business meeting or an event like a wedding ceremony, music concert or a seminar. As a traveler, you must know that the temperature of Dubai rises to 50 degrees in the summer season. So it is more convenient to hire a personal air conditioner car during the summer holidays to avoid such harsh weather.

Holidays means some quality time with your friends and family. But, the expenses of local transport can empty your pocket faster. Many travelers prefer to use personal cars instead of traveling in local buses or metro. Well, you can opt for local transport as a solo traveler. But, to keep your budget in control, we recommend you to book a car from any professional car rental Dubai company especially if you are on vacation.

Booking your rental car seems to be the better choice. It is not only budget friendly but also provides your freedom of movement. You can go anywhere you want, anytime you want. The perks of rental cars will double if you are hiring it in summer seasons in Dubai.

7 Reasons to Hire a Car in Dubai during your Summer Holidays

Here are some reasons that why should you hire a car in Dubai for your summer holidays:

1- Finest for Long-Distance Travel

Public transport or taxis are not suitable for traveling long distances in Dubai. Because certain routes are specific for local transport or metro buses. And if you are interested in visiting the other Emirates of UAE, public transport may not be very attainable. But if you hire a car you have your own ride which is affordable and available 24 into 7. Car hiring companies also offer vehicles or cars that are suitable for long-distance traveling. Now you are free to go when and where you want to go. Moreover, traveling in local transport in summers will be quite difficult.

2- Time Saver

7 Reasons to Hire a Car in Dubai during your Summer Holidays 2

Dubai is famous not only for its shopping center but also for its historical and cultural values. One can also find several food streets, restaurants, and coffee shops. And can get pleasure and try some Irani, Bangladeshi and Philippines food. So if you want to travel to all such places at the appropriate time, you should hire a car because it would get you directly to your desired destination without being stopped or distracted from your goal. Also, you can schedule your trips where you wanna go while waiting for local transport or bus is a waste of your time. In short, hiring a car would save your time a lot.

3- Freedom of Movement

Traveling in local transport is mostly tiring, and time-consuming. Usually public or local transport doesn’t give an end-to-end trip, and you have to cover the distance by booking another taxi or by foot and reach the desired place. Along with it public transportation also increases your distance by getting through different routes. And you should also be aware of pocket cutters in local and metro buses. To avoid all such issues you must book your personal car.

4- Convenient trip experience

For traveling in Dubai, it’s very cheap and venturesome to travel in local or metro buses for a solo traveler. But if you are with your family, friends, or with your better half, you must need some space and privacy along with your partners or spouse. You need to spend some quality time with them. By hiring a car you have a lot of time to spend with your friends or partner. Also, you can avoid contact with strangers and taxi drivers.

5- Amazing Deals

Dubai is a populous country, and most of the people are foreigners. They are living there for either business purposes or tourism. So the number of car hirers has increased due to the increased demand of travelers. Huge competition is going in the Dubai market among car rentals and one can get the benefits from it. Moreover, many cars renting companies offer different coupons and discounts for hiring a car for a longer time. You can fix a good deal for yourself by simply finding the best car rental companies. You can subscribe to their newsletter to have some information about their deals, offers, and discounts. By some additional research, you can also find out some interesting deals along with lower costs.

6- Enjoy the trip in your dream car

If you are going to hire a car in Dubai, you have many choices and a wide range of selections of cars and vehicles. You can pick a car you want to drive during your stay duration in Dubai. You can choose any vehicle in terms of brands, models, and different features. Most people are very crazy and ambitious for their cars in Dubai. If budget is not an issue, you can hire any car of your choice in Dubai according to your trip duration. Yes! This is possible. Dubai gives you whatever you want.

7- End to end trip

7 Reasons to Hire a Car in Dubai during your Summer Holidays 3

Hiring a car in Dubai during your holidays also gives you the ease of end-to-end trips. However, public transport does not relieve you in this way. Because these types of transports follow their specific routes. Also, you have to wait for your bus or metro for a trip. But after hiring a car you do not have any need to worry about such problems. Your own hired car offers you a point-to-point trip at any time you want.


I hope all of you are aware of why hiring a car in Dubai is important for your summer holidays. It is not only convenient and comfortable but also an affordable and adventurous experience. Moreover, if you are looking for cheap car rental Dubai, you can contact RentalcarsUAE to get a car of your choice. Just book online before your trip, and get your car delivered at your desired location.